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Lovina Beach Dolphin

Nagisa Bali - Villa Management

07 July 2020

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Lovina Beach Dolphin

About Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is a coastal area on the northwestern side of the island of Bali, Indonesia. The coastal strip stretches from 5 km west of the city of Singaraja to 15 km west. Singaraja is the seat of Buleleng Regency. The Lovina area contains the small villages (from east to west) of Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan, Banyualit, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. It is becoming more popular with tourists but remains far quieter than the tourist hotspots of the island’s south side.



The area takes its name from a home owned by Pandji Tisna (1908-1978), a Regent of Buleleng and pioneer of tourism to Bali in the early 1950s.


Lovina’s black sand beaches are quite lovely and lend themselves well to exploration on foot at a leisurely pace. The sea is very calm here and is safe for swimming. The feeling on the beaches is one of laid-back tranquillity with small, colourfully decorated traditional outriggers called perahu dotted along the shoreline


With as far as 80km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you could reach this area by many transportation options available here. Bus service from Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Candidasa and Padang Bai is the most affordable choice. Or you could choose to 3-hour drive from South of Bali on your own or personal driver.

Lovina Beach Dolphin Sight Trip

Lovina’s tourist area is very famous for its wild dolphin shows in the middle of the sea. On this beach there are hundreds of dolphins. To be able to see the dolphins in action, you have to go out to sea before sunrise. Dolphins will appear in the middle of the sea between 6 and 8 in the morning.



A trip to the middle of the sea in the waters of Lovina is very popular with tourists. The waters of Lovina’s sea are relatively calm, so they can be passed comfortably by using a fishing boat. You can find dolphins about 1 km from the shoreline. Some are jumping to the surface, and some are just swimming.



Tourists who visit can rent a traditional fishing boat specifically provided for dolphin viewing tours in the middle of the sea. The duration of the activity to see dolphins in Lovina is around 2 hours. Fishermen will take you out to sea in a traditional boat, where dolphins often appear. While heading out to sea to watch a dolphin show, you can also witness Lovina’s beautiful and natural waters. Tickets vary, ranging from USD 14.50 (IDR 200,000) and USD 18 (IDR 250,000) per person, but mostly depending on the number of participants per trip. A boat seats up to five or six.


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