Without the contributions of these valuable team members, our company would have made measurably less progress in achieving our mission. Instead, we achieved more as a directly result of their efforts.

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<strong>Yosuke Shimizu</strong>
Yosuke ShimizuFounder
He is a very smart person, well organized, professional, details and very personable.
<strong>Lina Shimizu</strong>
Lina ShimizuCEO
She is very honest, hard working and fair to both her staff, clients and partners.
<strong>Kadek Edy</strong>
Kadek EdyGeneral Manager
He’s driven by the end results and desire to reach them quickly and he’s also very kind.
<strong>Ngurah Rinawan</strong>
Ngurah RinawanOperational Manager
He is an enthusiastic person always smiling. You can count on him anytime you want he’ll always have an answer
<strong>Arie Mulyono</strong>
Arie MulyonoSales Manager
He’s a helpful person, always ready to share his good humor. He will be pleased to serve you.
<strong>Komang Sulasih</strong>
Komang SulasihAccounting
She is very honest and wise. She is a good listener, always here when you need her.
<strong>Putu Wahyuni</strong>
Putu WahyuniSecretary
She is a very sweet person, really understanding. She will be pleased to help you whenever you want.
<strong>Aswan Suyanto</strong>
Aswan SuyantoArea Manager
He’s a kind person, always enthusiastic & positive. He’s very sociable and he’ll do his best to make your holiday unforgettable.
<strong>Mey Lin</strong>
Mey LinSales & Reservation (Chinese Market)
She’s an honest person. Really understanding, she enjoys, since the 1st day, working at Nagisa Bali
<strong>Ryo Onodera</strong>
Ryo OnoderaJapanese Sales Manager
Ryo, who is come from Japan, is a really open-minded person. Curious & clever, he’s focused on Japanese market.
YudiantoIT & Webmaster
Very creative, Yudi is fill with imaginations. You can count on that person whenever you want.
He’s really understanding and good listenner. He’s very loyal and always support you to meet your goals.
AchiAsst. Japanese Sales Marketing
He’s very cheerful and loyal. With his smile, he always meets clients’ demands.
MariyonoSales & Reservation
He’s very optimist and positive. Always here to make clients happy, working with him it’s a real pleasure.
This beautiful girl is really smart. Very serious, one always fulfills her job successfully.
ArismaSales Admin
She is very helpful, really understanding and good listener.
<strong>Each Villa Operational</strong>
Each Villa Operational
Very professional, our villa operational will always be here for you to make your holiday fantastic.
AgusGraphic Design
He’s friendly person and very helpful. He’s loyal and always support you to meet your goals.