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Villa Casis

Lovely guests, lovely staff ! We ensure you great facilities and services at Nagisa Bali. Villa Casis is one of Sanur’s landmark properties, located in Bali’s south eastern coast. Travellers looking for a perfect getaway will definitely find heaven in this Villa which features 6 large bedrooms, a huge swimming pool, surrounded by an amazing garden. Villa Casis is just 200 meters from Sanur’s beach, offering a tranquil retreat in peaceful Balinese beachside.

PT. Nagisa Bali as a leading property management company of the year 2015

We would like to sincerely thank you to all of Nagisa Bali whole team in management and operational. This award is proven by our hardwork and commitment to do only the best. We would also present this award to all of our respectfull Property Owners, Stake holders and our beloved customers and guests around the world. This is for all of you who trusted Nagisa Bali?. Thank you very much for all your support! #www.nagisa-bali.com #www.nagisabalienterprises.com

Celebrities @ Villa Karang Putih for ? It takes gutz to be a gutierrez?

It?s a pleasure for @VillaKarangPutih and @Nagisa-Bali? to host all the crew and all the famous celebrities from Philippines for a famous reality show shooting of ?IT TAKES GUTZ TO BE A GUTIERREZ?, Season 3. Lets wait on E channel, every Sunday at 9pm, Karang Putih edition will be on middle of July 2015. Thank you very much for all the crew and Ms. Ruufa Gutierrez (ex Miss Phillipines) & Family. Special thanks to our partner Ms. Stephanie Chai & Tasha Linda from Luxe Nomad for their arrangement. #www.nagisa-bali.com #www.villakarangputih.com


『ザ・ジュノ・ヴィラ』はプール越しにライステラスビューを望むことができるように設計されており、グループの集まりやイベントのための広めのス ペース。ヨガ、ヒーリング・マッサージ、パーティーや結婚式を行う場所として非常に適しております。お部屋はバリ風デザインの1棟5ベッドルーム(各部屋 キングサイズベッド)の貸切プライベートヴィラです。寝室住居側エリアとオープンリビング、ダイニングスペースのあるプールガーデンエリアの2段敷地構造 になっております。ブラワビーチまで(10分)、エコビーチまで(15分)の場所にあります。エコビーチはロングボーダーが好むサーフィンポイントとして も有名で、ビーチサイドにはカフェやレストラン、ビーチクラブバーなどが集まり、週末は夕日を楽しみに訪れる在住の欧米人などが集まる賑やかなビーチで す。 CLICK HERE FOR DETAIL CLICK HERE FOR DETAIL

Wish to be like a King and Queen in Bali ?

Lovely Greetings from Nagisa Bali Hi everyone! Do you have a dream to be like a King and Queen in Bali ?? Why just wait ? lets come to Bali and try to stay in our best Villa Karang Putih. And your dream becomes true We have many guest already tried to be like a King and Queen, please allow me to served you during stay in private Villa. Please visit our Villa Website at http://www.villakarangputih.com/ and our other villas at http://nagisa-bali.com/